1. The devotees on arrival  are advised to ascertain the system of Darshan and other needs of individual or family at the Information Centre.

  2. The clock room is functioning, where the pilgrims may keep their belonging  safely.

  3. The pilgrims who have desire to offer Hair of their Head or bread may obtain ticket from the Ticket counter for the same and go to the Hair cut centre, thereafter take bath at the Pay and Use Souchalaya adjacent to Hair cut centre.

  4. The other pilgrims who requires to avail (use of lavatory including bath may also use the pay and use Souchalaya.

    1. Thereafter  pilgrims those who are interested to purchase Puja articles such as coconut, plantain, flowers, Belopatri, Agarbati, Sindur, Camphor and Jhuna may purchase from the shops opened in side or outside the temple premises.
    2. The pilgrims who are interested or promised to Maa to offer Gold, Silver ornaments or sarees are advised to purchase  pure genuine Gold or silver ornaments and offer the same through temple office so that the same can be allowed to wear by Maa Majhi Ghariani and even if it may be put in the Hundi.  The pilgrims are cautioned that the Traders are chating the Devotees selling imitate (nakali) Gold and silver like ornaments. Such imitate ornaments are not allowed to  wear by Maa under any circumstances.
    3. So far offering of sarees are concerned, the devotees  are advised to select good saree preferably red colour instead of cheap one which are not useful for any purpose . At times,  the traders are also selling cut pieces, well folded like saree and cheat the pilgrims. Hence,  pilgrims and devotees are advised to offer the sarees through the temple office.
    4. The devotees are advised to offer coconut, fruits, flowers and sarees, Jhuna (Gugulam),  Pure Ghee or castored oil Deep, and Agarbati, which are most favourable to  Maa Majhi Ghariani, besides ornaments if promised.

  5. The pilgrims, shall stand up in “Q” Line with their Puja offerings according to their choice in “Q” line of interest i.e. in free  darshan, special Darshan (20/-) and VVIP Darshan (100/-) respectively and have Darshan and pray Maa Majhighariani for her blessing and  fulfillment of their ambitions.

  6. The devotees are advised to hand over the valuables if desires to offer to the Goddess at the Trust office and obtain Receipt which will be safe or also can put in Hundi.

  7. The pilgrims and devotees may put their cash offering either in the Hundis available in the  Temple or  at the temple trust office  These offering are being spent for Development of Temple besides towards Puja and festival were incurred from State Funds.




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