1. The Temple opens at 5.00 AM on every day. After cleaning and washing of spectrum and Mandap, Bath, Change of cloths and decoration with flower and Belo Patra is being done . The Temple opens for Darshan after offer of Agarbati, Jhuna (Gugulam) Dhupa, and complete of Bal Bhog Puja. Then Mangal Arati is performed.

  2. The Temple again closes at 12.30  PM every  day for offering “Arnna Bhog” (Lunch) and Arati after cleaning. The spectrum reopens at 2.00 PM for Devotees for Darshan.

  3. The Temple again closes for devotees   at 5.30 PM / 6 PM on every day for cleaning of the Sectrum to conduct “Sandhya Arati” after Bhog (not Arnna Bhog). After Sandhaya Arati, the Temple remains open for Darshan of devotees till 9.00 P.M.

  4. As per the prevailing practice in Shakti Pitho, no Arnna Bhogo offered in nights.

  5. The devotees offer, coconut, plantains, Agarbati, Camphore, Corpoor (for Arati) Jhuna (Gugulam) and Sindur and prays for HER blessings.

  6. The Lodu Prasad of Maa Majhi Ghariani is being supplied at the Temple premises on payment.

  7. Many devotees (both ladies and  Gents) offer their Hair of Head Bread if they have promised to do so, after fulfillment of their ambition and desire.


  1. The Chaitra Parva is  the main festival  and function of Maa Majhi Ghariani  which is  observed  from Akadasi of Sukla fortnight of Chaitra Maso  (Month) till Purnima (Fullmoon) day. The Chandi Puja is being conducted with Homo besides Mid-Night Tantric System puja.

  2. During  the Chaitra Parva, Simultaneously “Ghato Parva Puja” also  being held. The “Ghato” visit to various streets of Rayagada on every day evening to give darshan to Devotees and return by 9 PM. The pujaka on influence  of Maa performs “Bije Nato (dance) on the  Mandap of the Temple and Devotees when want to know the pre-result of their ambition or desire they request the “Pujak” with small quantity of raw rice brought from their house. The Pujak informs the pre-result with  time.

  3. The Ghat Parva for nine days is also being held near/Burdulapoloma Grama Devata (Goddess) Temple, which is known as the Ghat Parva of Maharaja i.e. the Maharajs of Jeypore estate. This Ghat Parva was being conducted and financed by the Maharaj prior to abolish of estates by Odisha Estate Abolition Act 1955.

  4. Thereafter  the Devotees of other streets of Rayagada including the employees of Railway of Rayagada invites the Maa Majhi Ghairnai to their street and conduct  Ghat parva puja of Maa either for three five or nine days generously and  Maa returns to the Temple after the “pujak” walks on fire. The moving Symbol (sword or Khanda) of Goddess Maa Majhighariani goes to such festivals.


    The  Maharaja of Jeypore estate was collecting Land Revenue of the locality through his own staff. The Thana office (now  it is Tahasil office of State Govt.) was functioning under the Administrative control of Amin (now Tahasildar) and the two “Thanas”  of Rayagada and Gunupur of Rayagada District was controlled by Dewan stationed at Rayagada till abolition of estates after independence during the year 1955.

    During the reign of Maharaja, Durga Puja and Balijatra was being conducted at Thana office (now the building converted to District Treasury, Rayagada) inviting Maa Majhighariani as symbol of Maa Durga for Durga Puja and Maa Majhi Ghariani Chalanti Pratima for Balijatra Festival Puja. After abolition of Estate during  1955, the practice is being followed and at present it is observed at Tahasil Office, Rayagada.




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