1)    The habitants of Rayagada at every movement and trouble take recourse of Maa Majhighariani to redress their desire and sufferings after her incarnate.

2)    Till now,  the Rayagada has never experienced any epidemic situation, because  Maa Majhigharianai visits the boundaries and close the Paths of four side of the Town restricting entrance of all ill evils and epidemic diseases, during Chaitra Parva Festival held  every year from “Akadasi” of Chaitra Month till Purnima of that month.

3)    Horse  is the mount of Maa Majhigharianai  and she goes round the Town every day in Mid night to safe guard. The  Devotees from the evils of all kinds. The residence at times hears the foot sound of the Horse.

4)    The name and fame of Maa Majhigharianai spread beyond Rayagada, when the  laying of Rail track from Visakhapatnam to Raipur was taken up by Bengal Nagpur Railway (BNR) by the side of HER presiding  place and started  construction of Bridge over Jhanjabati River. The River is very deep and narrow and not feasible for erect of a Pillar in the  middle of the River technically. Hence, the Engineers  evolved  new design and technic to  construct the Bridge without having a pillar in the middle  of River bed and designed to Curve  the track over the Bridge.  Despite all attempts, the bridge could not stand and failed. Maa Majhighariani informed the  Contractor in dream, that My presiding place is near the proposed  Bridge site and I am  here under a Neem Tree experiencing Rain, winter and  heat for the entire year. If you promise to construct a Temple for ME, you will successfully, complete the proposed Bridge otherwise all your attempt to complete the construction of Bridge would not be success”. On hearing the voice of Maa in dream, the Contractor on next day morning  visited the presiding  seat of “MAA” with Devotion and prayed to pardon him and promised to construct the Temple. Then the Bridge was successfully completed without any obstruction  or problem and the Rail line from Visakhapatanam to Raipur was successfully completed during the year 1930. The contractor  also constructed the temple as promised.
This miracle  incident onwards, the name and fame of Maa Majhigharianai  spread like  wild fire in South India. The visit of Devotees and pilgrims constantly grew day after day. People  comes to the Temple not only from Odisha and South India, but  also from Chhatisgharh, Jharkhand too. Most of the N.R.I. (Non-Resident Indians) too also visit the temple and offer foreign currency in the  Hundi.




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